Quickdraw Weaving Software

Quickdraw Program Index of Program Capabities

Project Setup View:

Color Palette Controls:

Pattern Editing View:

Warp/Weft Edit Commands:Warp/Weft Color Controls:Tieup Edit Commands

View multiple repeats of pattern:
View reverse side of fabric:
View "finished" fabric (good for lace/deflected patterns & double-weave):
View reverse side of "finished" fabric:

View floats in pattern:

Graphic Entry of pattern (Grid view):

Block Substitution (new/modify substitution):

Standard Substitution options:Custom Substitution options:

Network Drafting: (per Alice Schlein)

Select Initial:

Pattern Line:

Treadling Key:


Echo & Iris tools: (per Marian Stubenitsky)

Design Line:


Author's Notes:

Name Draft Tool:

Tools for Threading/Treadling/Tieup on loom (Loom Help - AKA "Treadle Tracker"):

Weft - Treadling help

Tieup help

Threading/Treadling sequence display (old-school cartoons to use while threading loom or tradling while weaving)

"Double Width"/Display multi-layer cloth tools (folding a wide pattern to weave on a narrow loom):

Double Width Tool

View Multi-Layer cloth

"Warp Saver" tools (Explore different treadling from a fixed threading):

Search Substitutions (Search Subs)


Treadle Sequence

Boundweave Editor (Krokbrag):

View WIF files in directory (View thumbnails of all weaving patterns in your directory/sub-directories):

View "Zoom" controls:

Undo/Re-do controls:

File Tab controls:

New/Open/Save File controls:

Printing controls:

"Print Page Setup" controls pattern information to be printed

Version 4.10 - May 25, 2021