Quickdraw Weaving Software

Basic Quickdraw functions:

  • Up to 256 shafts / 256 treadles, 2000 threads in Threading sequence / treadling shots
  • Robust editors for Warp/Weft/Tieup editing:
  • -Complete control of each thread's color and size
  • -Intersperse copied threads between selected threads
  • -Add Parallel threads where desired (Echo & Iris tool controls position & color of threads)
  • Red-Yellow-Blue and Red-Green-Blue Primary color palette, color wheels and shades
  • Float Analysis display shows where longest floats in pattern are
  • Profile & Thread drafting modes switch nomenclature & special functions
  • Lift plan to tieup / Tieup to lift plan conversions
  • Determines Heddle counts per shaft/number of threads of each color/size in pattern
  • Blending tool to merge two drafts into a single draft
  • Able to draw photo-realistic threads in draw-down and Color Gradient Warp and/or Weft threads
  • Amalgamation tools
  • Annotations & Repeats in pattern structure, independent Color Order controls - Expansion of compressed pattern to full project
  • Demonstration / Tutorial Videos (videos on Youtube)
    3.2 Project setup screen_____(5:36)
    3.3 Color Palette Control_____(7:21)
    3.4 Edit Screen overview_____(Multiple videos)
    3.4.14 Using Annotations, Repeats & Color Order_____(14:28)
    3.6 Analyze pattern for floats_____(2:10)

    Click on sample image to enlarge:
  • Project Setup Screen
  • Color Palette Controls
  • Warp / Weft / Tieup Editor
  • Analyze pattern for floats
  • Blend multiple drafts
  • Amalgamation tools
  • Color Gradient threads & Photo-Realistic threads
  • Using Annotations, Repeats & Color Order

  • Sept. 7, 2022