Quickdraw Weaving Software

Block Substitution / Reverse Block Substitution (recognize blocks within woven structures)
  • Several access points for block substitution (setup view, View pull-down menu, grid view)
  • "Grid View" block substitution shows thumbnails of all available substitutions
  • Reverse substitution from "Grid" & "Warp Saver" views
  • Demonstration / Tutorial Videos (Videos on YouTube)
    3.14 "Warp Saver" Tool_____( 3:40)
    3.7.6 Profile design on the grid_____(1:35)
    3.7.5 Threading Design on the grid____(3:26)
    3.8 Block Substitutions (New & Modify)_____(3:22)

    Click on sample image to enlarge:
  • Block Substitution Thumbnails
  • Warp Saver Screen

  • November 22, 2019