Quickdraw Weaving Software

Demonstration / Tutorial Videos (Videos on YouTube)
1_______General Quickdraw Introduction & Installation (multiple)
2_______The "File" Pull-down menu (multiple - Load/save files, printing)
3_______The "View" Pull-down menu
3.1_____"View" Overview & summary_____(4:08)
3.2_____Project setup screen_____(5:05)
3.2.1___Blending patterns_____(2:52)
3.2.2___Treadle Reduction, Update treadle sequence from edited tieup-Overview (1:03)_____
3.2.3___Controlling draft formatting - threading at top/bottom of displays (2:52)_____
3.2.4___Selecting Drawloom Ground Shafts/Treadles/Draw cords, etc (2:22)_____
3.3_____Color Palette Control_____(7:21)
3.3.1___Extracting palette colors from color image_____(5:45)
3.3.2___Using "Color Gradient" & "Photo-realistic" threads_____(2:28)
3.3.3___Using "Virtual" photo-realistic threads_____(1:15)
3.4_____Edit Screen overview_____(Multiple videos)
3.5_____View Multiple repeats, reverse & Finished cloth_____(3:29)
3.6_____Analyze pattern for floats_____(2:10)
3.7_____Graphic entry on Grid_____(Multiple videos)
3.8_____Block Substitutions (New & Modify)_____(3:22)
3.9_____Network Design Tools_____(Multiple videos)
3.10____Name Draft Tool__(Updated 4/1/2023)___(2:52)
3.11____On-Loom help tools_____(multiple videos)
3.12____Threading/Treadling sequences_____(1:48)
3.13____Doublewidth/Display Multi-layer cloth_____(multiple videos)
3.14____"Warp Saver" Tool_____(multiple videos)
3.15____Boundweave Editor(6:51)
3.16____View "WIF" in directory_____(1:27)
4_______"Window" Pull-down menu_____(:51)
5_______Weaving Project Worksheet___(multiple videos)
6_______Sample Projects_____
6.1_____Extracting palette colors from an image_____(4:54)
6.2_____Techniques for blending weaving patterns together_____(8:17)
6.3_____Amalgamation Projects_____(4:35)
6.4_____Treadle Reduction, Update treadle sequence from edited tieup_____(3:23)
6.5_____Creating & Using Color Gradient Threads_____(8:45)
6.6_____Photo-realistic threads in Warp/Weft_____(3:45)
6.7_____Ashford Loom Dobby Conversion_____(22:17)
6.8_____Using and creating Manufacturer's Color Palettes_____(10:45)
6.9_____Sample #1 W/W Repeats & Color Order(14:28)
6.10____Sample #2 W/W Repeats & Color Order(17:59)
6.11____A Polychrome Project(8:25)
6.12____Entering an existing drawloom pattern into Quickdraw(8:22)
6.13____The Triple-weave Black-out Curtain Project(10:00)
6.14____The 4 layer broken twill Project(13:43)
6.15____How to weave words(5:16)
6.16____Rigid Heddle Project with Pickup(9:25)
7_______Drafting Class (Judie Eatough / Weaving Software Facebook Group)_____
7.1_____Entering Data into Weaving Software_____(6:00)

August 12, 2023