Quickdraw Weaving Software

Quickdraw is a "work in progress". It has evolved over the last few years and will continue to evolve as new things come up.
Your are provided a free liscence to use the software but it is copyrighted 2020 by Scott Jones (All Rights Reserved).
The version of your copy of Quickdraw is shown on the bottom of the "view: project setup page".
The current version of Quickdraw now available below is "4.08.00 - 0CT. 30, 2020". The program change history is available HERE

Major Changes in Version 4.08:
- Ability to use bitmap images to represent Color Gradient threads in Warp & Weft
- Ability to use bitmap images of real threads in drawdowns to better represent finished cloth
- Integrated "Treadle Reducer" to adapt lift plan to use two treadles at once and reduce the number of treadles
- - Including automatic update of treadling sequence to use revised treadlilng
- - Tool to update treadling sequence after manual revision of tieup (using external Treadle Reducer)
- Numerous minor bug fixes (see Version History above)

Download Software Here:
  • Windows (Windows 10, 8, etc. to XP)
  • Apple Macintosh (in work)
  • Apple ios (in work)
  • Android (planned)
  • Oct. 31, 2020