Quickdraw Weaving Software

Overview of Capabilities (Click link for more information)
  • Free Software (without ads) - Click here to download Quickdraw
  • Up to 32 shafts & treadles, 2,000 warp/weft ends
  • Control of thread color and size of each warp/weft thread
  • Assists with threading/treadling/tieup while weaving (including voice output and dobby interface)
  • Block substitution/reverse block substitution
  • Graphic entry pad with integrated fabric analysis (including image import)
  • Display of deflected warp/weft weaves and doubleweave
  • Specialized editor for Boundweave (Krokbrag) patterns
  • Real time display of pattern while editing Network Design Line/Ribbon changes
  • Interface with project planning worksheet
  • Graphics display of all WIF files in directory
  • Demonstration / Tutorial Videos (Videos on YouTube)
  • Full video demonstrations selection menu
  • Introduction/Overview video (about 10 minutes)

    Click on sample image to enlarge:
  • Warp / Weft / Tieup Editor
  • Color Palette Controls
  • Network Design Line Screen
  • View all weaving files in directory

  • November 29, 2019
    Contact: QuickdrawWeaver@gmail.com
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